I wrote three books in a row and published one—I Didn’t Plan to Write three Books, But It Changed Everything.

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…..And Sometimes the Best Stories Come When You Least Expect Them

“Resistance aims to kill; Resilience keeps you alive.”

I wrote a book on Resilience titled “Resilience in the Disruption — Thriving in the New Normal.” You can buy it on Amazon, Flipkart, Google Playstore, etc.

Here is how my writing streak started — On a bleak night in 2017, at 3 AM, the clock seemed to mock me with its steady tick-tock, echoing the rhythm of my escalating worries. I had been awake for over 30 hours, staring down the barrel of an investor meeting scheduled just 12 hours away. To compound my anxiety, the mobile app developer I had entrusted with a crucial part of Ambee’s technology had vanished without a trace. It wasn’t entirely unexpected; after all, why would any top-tier talent choose to work for lesser pay at a relatively unknown startup in Bangalore — a city teeming with opportunities for the tech-savvy?

With the developer gone, I was left with a daunting task: to learn how to build the app myself and have it ready for demonstration in three days. Pushing the limits of my endurance and fueled by desperation and determination, I somehow got the map and app functional for the investor presentation. Everything went about right — the product demo, the pitch, the Q&A, and so on. Yet, the investor meeting unfolded with the dread I had anticipated. After presenting our vision, the investor’s skepticism sliced through the room. “Forget investors — no one will pay for your data. Why would anyone need to know what they’re breathing? I can judge the air myself and tell when it is bad. I don’t need your service.” His words felt like a dismissal of both Ambee’s mission and my personal capabilities.

My lack of prestigious academic credentials, unlike my co-founders’ illustrious alma maters, seemed to diminish my credibility in his eyes further. His decision was final: he would not invest in us. Returning to our modest co-work space on Church Street in Bangalore, I was overwhelmed by a sense of defeat heavier than I had ever felt. Yet, the reality of my responsibilities refused to let me wallow for long. With payday approaching, I had a team depending on me, not to mention my family.

My wife’s call, asking me to buy something for our one-year-old son that cost 1,000 rupees, brought the starkness of my financial situation into sharp relief. My bank account held a mere 250 rupees. Just a week earlier, I had walked away from a lucrative job offer in the U.S., pouring my heart and soul into Ambee. Now, as I stared down the barrel of potential failure, the consequences of my choice weighed heavily on me. The questions were relentless: How would I manage salaries? How could I look my family in the eye, let alone support my son?

Surrendering felt unthinkable, yet forging ahead seemed just as unattainable. I stood at a crossroads: succumb to the pressure or face it head-on. Restless, I found myself wide awake, my thoughts racing faster than the break of dawn. That’s when I stumbled upon stories of resilience online — tales of individuals who had faced far worse and emerged stronger. The common thread in all these narratives was resilience. If they could persevere, why couldn’t I? This epiphany, though simple, shifted my entire perspective.

My challenges, formidable as they were, didn’t seem impossible anymore. When sleep finally embraced me, I woke up 12 hours later, reborn. The obstacles remained, but my approach to tackling them had been utterly transformed. With a renewed belief in the power of resilience, I was ready to face what lay ahead. Fast forward to the present, and Ambee stands proudly on the global map. We may not bask in widespread fame, but our progress marches steadfastly towards our aspirations.

Fame, after all, was never the goal but rather an incidental marker of our journey’s impact. This chapter in my life sparked a relentless pursuit of understanding and harnessing resilience, leading to developing strategies to navigate the “New Normal.” This book is a culmination of that journey — a guide to thriving amid disruption, inspired by a night of despair that marked the beginning of a new chapter for both Ambee and me. This journey, while immensely personal, echoes the collective experiences of many. My name may not light up marquees — I’m neither a celebrated author nor a renowned entrepreneur. Ambee, my brainchild, may not be a name on everyone’s lips, yet the core of our tale transcends recognition.

This book is not just my story; it’s a vessel carrying research findings, personal anecdotes, and the inspiring journeys of others, all shared in the hope of enlightening and aiding you on your path. In founding Ambee, I ventured forth with a dual purpose: to tap into the vast potential of data to unveil what remains unseen, particularly the intricacies of air quality. This mission was not merely about establishing a startup; it was a journey shaped by my experiences, my forays into environmental science and technology, and the stark truths of climate change.

Every obstacle encountered along this journey, from the initial investor skepticism to the daunting challenge of real-time data analysis, was a test of mettle. Rather than falter, these challenges honed the resilience I now seek to impart through these pages. The phrase “New Normal” might sound trite, echoing through conversations about the profound transformations ignited by global upheavals, groundbreaking technological advancements, and shifts in how we live and think. However, for Ambee and me, these weren’t mere hurdles but gateways to innovation.

The pandemic, the undeniable presence of climate change, and the swift march of technology beckoned us to invent, rethink our bond with the planet, and reimagine our connections with each other. This book delves into thriving amidst these shifts by welcoming change, adapting with agility, and spearheading progress. This is merely the starting point of an in-depth journey into resilience, bringing together personal trials, rigorous research, and the impactful strides made by Ambee’s technology. Herein lies a tale of overcoming, of scientific curiosity, and entrepreneurial zeal, laying out the strategies and mindset essential for prospering in a constantly changing landscape. “Resilience in Disruption” transcends my personal narrative and Ambee’s journey. It encapsulates our shared quest to grasp and surmount the hurdles that block our path to realizing our utmost potential.

This is an open invitation to accompany me on this exploration, to unearth resilience principles that guide us through the stormy waters of change toward innovation and sustainable horizons. These words come from a place of shared struggles and insights, not from an elevated platform but from the ground where real battles are fought and lessons are learned. Consider this a collective march, a chance to transform the adversities of our “New Normal” into foundations for a brighter, hopeful, and assured future we all eagerly anticipate

Here is the link to buy this on Amazon — https://amzn.in/d/eBI4CWO

Both hardcover and paperback are available. You can also find this book on Google Playstore, Flipkart, Crosswords, etc.

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